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Willie Heath Neal

Great Country Artist all the way from Atlanta Georgia USA

In the bar.......................Starts 8.30pm.................Free Entry!!!

In the era when the “Outlaws” - Wille Nelson, Billy Joe Shaver, Waylon Jennings etc. - ruled the radio, another little outlaw was born in the back of a cop car somewhere in Gwinnett County Georgia. It took him many years and many roads (including stays in foster homes, a stint in the Navy and a run with a punk band) but eventually Willie Heath Neal returned to his roots and began bashing out the kind of outlaw country that used to be so famous but now is in short supply. 

Back then “Outlaw” was more than a marketing ploy, it was a way of life, the myths mixed with the music. There was an authenticity that couldn’t be bought by a washed up rocker trying on a pair of borrowed boots for one last grasp at fame or a suburban songsmith desperately hoping that they can make their songs more "Americana." Neal remembers that time and he delivers his trashed up take on honky tonk with that same sense of honesty on his latest Chicken ranch release Out of Highway.

Just take the lyrics to the lonesome road dirge of the title track - "I'm a little bit older now, a little rundown/Lord, I'm livin' for the people waitn' for me in the next town." Neal’s not imagining life on the road, he’s livin’ it, haulin' his songs up and down the redneck riveria and wherever else there's a stage, a mic and a bar tab. With the help of producer and Legendary Shack Shaker bassist Mark Robertson, Neal has cranked out an album that delivers many of these moments from hard luck ballads to honk tonk hellraisers to clever covers (who else cuts tunes by both the Misfits and “Convoy” author C. W. McCall?) to pointed critiques of the current climate in country music (check out the jabs at the Nashville sausage mill on "Something's Wrong with the Radio"). 

Neal has long been popular with his peers such as likeminded touring partners from the past ala Wayne Hancock, the Rev. Horton Heat, and J. D. Wilkes of Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers (who makes an appearance on the record). Hank Williams III even cut (but not yet released) one of Neal's tunes. Now it’s time for their fans to make note of Neal. Because now with Out of Highway Neal has made the album of his life, one that should make the original Outlaws proud to call him one of their own.

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Willie Heath Neal