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The Strawbs

Yes it's really them!! Again!!! And it's their 50th Anniversary tour too!!
Dave Cousins, Dave Lambert and Chaz Cronk.
With so many touring bands from the 60/70s becoming almost tribute bands to themselves it's refreshing to see the original line up still touring all these years later. Tickets are £14 in advance, a complete bargain and a chance to see such a magnificent act in a small and intimate atmosphere. It will be truly magical!! Tickets from the pub as usual or phone 01227720392 for card reservations. Alternatively you can purchase from Wegottickets

The Strawbs started life as the Strawberry Hill Boys before emerging into the mainstream from the
exciting British Folk Movement of the mid 60s alongside other such luminaries as Fairport
Convention, Pentangle, Al Stewart and Roy Harper. Their first album with Sandy Denny attracted the
attention of A&M Records in America and they became the first British Band to be signed by the
famous label. Under the guidance of Herb Alpert & Gerry Moss, major chart success followed with
seven consecutive albums in the Billboard charts, including classics ‘Bursting at the Seams’, ‘Grave
New World’, ‘Hero & Heroine’, ‘Dragonfly’ and ‘Ghosts’, earning the band two Gold Albums along
the way. Massive coast to coast American tours swiftly followed, sharing the stage with The Eagles,
Santana and Frank Zappa.
From the days of Sandy Denny pre Fairport and Sonja Kristina pre Curved Air, the band have enjoyed
the finest of soloists in their ranks from Rick Wakeman followed by his son Oliver moving on to join
Yes as well as Adam Wakeman joining Black Sabbath, Blue Weaver to The Bee Gees and Don Airey to
Deep Purple.
The Acoustic Strawbs of the 21st century consist of the founder, constant guiding force, originator
and lead vocalist Dave Cousins, described by Rolling Stone Magazine as the best Dylan influenced
songwriter to come out of the UK. Alongside him longtime band members lead guitarist Dave
Lambert and the astonishingly versatile Chas Cronk, who together formed the front line of the classic
1970s Strawbs.
"The songwriting was phenomenal, and the way the trio embellished sublime melodies with
supreme harmonies and incredible instrumentation made their performance unforgettable. In fact, I
repeatedly thought "music just isn't this good anymore" (Philadelphia Examiner)
"Hearing the brilliant Strawbs was like a tutorial in UK folk music from the past 40 years".
(Edmonton Sun)
"Never to rest on their laurels, this excellent band continue to produce classic tracks and spectacular
live performances". (Q Magazine)
"Dave Cousins shows himself as a brilliant and original songwriter". (Classic Rock)

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The Strawbs