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T: 01227 720 392

The Irlastics

In the bar..............................starts 4pm................................Free entry (donations welcome)

Ok!! Don’t panic!! The Fantastic Irlastic Band are coming back to the UK. A mini tour to resume the promotion of their new album “Skiffle Catalunya” 

Restaurant open 12 - 4pm for Sunday Lunch

Choice of 3 meats with all of the trimmings and Desert or Starter £14.50  (Kids £9.95)
All produce fresh and local (except peas)
Booking Essential 01227 720392

The Anchor at Wingham CT3 1BJ (Sunday Session) 4 – 6pm

The Irlastics are;
OSO ‘Batman’ Segura – Bass
Juame ’ car crash Garcia’ – Drums
Adam ‘De Pueblo’ Smith – Saxophone & Vocals
Kev ‘Wanchor’ Abbott – Accordion & Vocals
Emillio ‘Boy Wonder’ Ortiz – Spanish Guitar
Roberto ‘The Frenchman’ Sanchez - Dobro

Special guest is Dave Kirk on Pedal steel guitar

We're pretty sure that you've never heard anything like this! A chaotic and foot-stompin' romp through the world of folk, folk/punk, country, Blues and Pop music. This group of musical friends got together for fun and this is the result. An international mixture of Catalan, English, Irish and French musicians produces some interesting and euphoric tunes but more than that, the audience loves to feel the joy of music that pumps through the veins of this Catalan Skiffle Supergroup. 

The Irlastics AKA The Fantastic Irlastic Band started in 2015 as a Jam session in a small bar in the Seaside town of Sant Feliu de Guixols, Catalunya. The session quickly grew and soon up to 15 Musicians!!!! ( Well, people with musical instruments anyway) were attending, with representation from Catalunya, Spain, France, Ireland and England, along with hordes of spectators. The Jam developed into a show and soon other bars in the area were asking to book The Fantastic Irlastic Band. In 2017 a prestigious Hotel Group asked the Irlastics to take on a weekly residency at 3 of their sites, some members of the Jam session were unable to commit and so a scaled down version took on this challenge which is the band you see today. Anyone who has seen The Irlastics will tell you that they are far from what you would normally expect a Hotel Band to be, the image doesn’t fit, the style doesn’t fit, the music doesn’t fit, but the punters seemed to love it and so did the Hotels, especially when they saw their bar takings quadruple on Irlastics night. I don’t really need to say much more, do I?


Estem bastant segurs que vostè mai ha sentit alguna cosa com això! Un juguesca trepitjant caòtica i el peu a través del món de la folk, folk / punk, la música country i folk / rock. Aquest grup d'amics músics es van reunir per a la diversió i aquest és el resultat. Una barreja internacional de Català, Anglès, Irlandès i músics Francesos produeix alguns temes interessants i de tant en tant bastant bo, però més que això, l'audiència li agrada sentir l'alegria de la música que bomba a través de les venes d'aquest supergrup català

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The Irlastics